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Setting up your brand with Vidaura grants you access to a wide range of recruitment services and candidate management features.

The starting services are readily available to get you started on publishing your roles and building a shortlist.

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After creating an account, you immediately get the following features:


Upload a video that shows off your brand

Advertise Multiple Venues


Share employer account access with team members


Watch candidate profile videos that reveal more than a traditional resume


Post Unlimited Roles


Browse through job listings

Track candidate applications and choose how you interact with your shortlist

You also receive:

  • Job description templates
  • Recommendations of job-fit candidates
  • Email integration and notifications
  • Website Admin Support
  • Up-to-date newsletter w/ trends and featured candidates

When you are happy with your shortlist, you can choose to hire candidates in two ways: Direct Hire or Trial Candidate

If you want more time to assess whether a candidate is the right-fit, or if you’re looking to hire for a temporary role, go for the Trial Candidate option.  This is risk free; if it doesn’t work out after a couple of shifts - no biggie! 

Young Job Seeker

Alternatively, if you can already tell that they’re the best candidate for the role, you can take them on yourself and Hire them Directly for less than a job ad.

Candidate Potential

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Trial Candidate (Contract)

Hourly Rate +

12%service fee

If you want to trial a candidate as a contractor:

  • Trial candidates are hired as contractors through Vidaura. The hourly cost is the total hourly rate + 12% service fee
  • After trialling a candidate for two weeks, you can take them on as a permanent employee with no further fees.

Best for when you need:

  • A particular skill set for a timed project
  • A quicker hire with immediate value
  • Additional time to assess a candidate and their compatibility

You also receive:

  • Team support in arranging an initial interview with candidates
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Direct Hire

$199+ GST

If you can already tell they are the perfect candidate, you can hire directly:

  • $199 + GST
  • The first candidate you hire is free!

Best for when you need:

  • A more stable and long-term solution for a regular role
  • Are looking to fill a repeated skill gap in your team
  • Want to accrue the most value over time and save costs

Alternatively, you can trial a candidate for 2 weeks* as a contractor, then take them on as a permanent employee with no further fees.

*2 weeks are equivalent to 80 hours

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