About Us

Our mission is to simplify the hiring process for the hospitality industry.

We do this by taking the pain out of finding and selecting talent so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Our Story

Vidaura emerged from the frustrations of the recruitment industry, which struggled to connect young job seekers with meaningful work using traditional CVs and cover letters.

Young Job Seeker

Recognising an opportunity that others overlooked, we identified a demand for entry-level positions where employers valued qualities like passion, energy, and a positive attitude over formal qualifications.

Candidate Potential

Based on 12 months of extensive research and interviews, Vidaura was launched in February 2020 as the pioneering video-based job board for the hospitality industry, addressing the need for a more personalised and dynamic approach to job applications.

Video Resume

Meet Our Team

  • Adrian Byra


    Seasoned recruitment professional who loves creating value for my clients. Love doughnuts. Also I'm actually Canadian, who knew right?

  • Tobias Taylor

    General Manager

    Could also be called Chief of Making It Happen. Once completed a hot wing challenge in India and can ride a unicycle.

  • Tim Brien

    Principal Consultant

  • Benn Eichhorn

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Long time creator of digital products and solver of technical solutions. Can eat a large popcorn before the movie starts.

  • Jem Ang

    Country Manager

    Enjoys collaborating with people to find them jobs and venues that need staff. I am actually a dwarf, 4'11 to be exact.

  • Airin Shimoya

    Senior Recruitment Resourcer

  • Andresito de Guzman

    Engineering Team Lead

    Loves the Web and Great Experiences for People. Also loves making a good cup of coffee.

  • Gracey Mel Celosa

    Marketing Specialist

    Passionate about social media and loves to be on camera. From working at a luxury hotel to serving capuccino at 20,000 feet, now creating TikTok content for a living.

  • Jared Fawcett

    Principal Consultant

  • Jordan Quick

    Marketing Consultant

    Videographer in training and team events organiser. Jordy gets it done, no matter the task. Our American import, studying to become a doctor.

  • Judy Dizon

    Senior Recruitment Resourcer

    Recruitment professional whose passion is evaluating candidates' potential against the positions at hand. Loves talking to people and learning from their own experiences.

  • Karen Magboo

    Product Owner

    Loves connecting people to the job they love. Hates quarantine but that is actually her normal daily lifestyle.

  • Miguel Leonardo

    Senior Recruitment Resourcer

    Loves to look for the best talent and share awesome jobs for them. Laughs and talks when sleeping.

  • Stephen John Raymundo

    UI/UX Engineer

    Loves designing experiences and translating them into code. Hits the gym after work and sings in a choir on weekends.